Let’s Get Creative!
A Message From The BR Lab’s CEO, Juan Beras
“As a leading firm in the creative space for the last 16 years, I have been proud to keep The BR Lab on the cutting edge in all facets of the branding and digital marketing industry. I specifically built this firm to provide forward-leaning, intuitive design and ideation services for entrepreneurs and companies large and small. I am proud to state that our client list has become our firm’s best marketing channel as their referrals and return business has served as the type of advertisement to potential new customers that money simply cannot buy. These partners have circled back to The BR Lab with new products and promotions because they are confident that we are the best in bringing their ideas vividly to life. Our creed is to exceed all expectations and they know it.
I founded The BR Lab with the hope that, one day, it would stand as one of the leading creative shops in the business. With so much accomplished towards that goal to date, I am excited to see more and more creative brands coming forward as our firm continues to progress & grow, right along with these brands.”