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The BR Lab’s Juan Beras and His Unmatched Creativity in Branding and Digital Marketing

Creativity is limitless. It can be in the form of art, music, or dance, but the value of creativity is always beyond expectations. It is more than just an expression but rather an outlet to the depths of the artist.

The humble beginnings of The BR Lab revolve around the concept of creativity, which led to becoming a branding powerhouse today. It is the creative brainchild of CEO, Juan Beras, 31, a self-taught graphic designer and web designer who first started with designing MySpace layouts and exceeded his talents in building The BR Lab. Being in the business for over 16 years, Juan has gained the trust of clients such as Egypt Sherrod (HGTV), Eric Bellinger (Singer-Songwriter to Justin Bieber, Usher, and Selena Gomez), and Tokyo Stylez (Hairstylist to Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, and Beyonce).

The BR Lab’s passion is in design. As the client’s ideas are becoming very detailed in all aspects, bringing their vision to life is the focus of The BR Lab. Designing, which comes naturally to Juan and his team, they create and develop the right image for their clients. As they specialize in providing services for music, entertainment, start-up, and small businesses, their sense of creativity is very versatile. They become your partners from conceptualization until to the campaign launch.

As designs come to life, the need to create a personality for it is essential. At The BR Lab, they help in creating the brand personality of their clients that perfectly represent their individuality and style. They pay attention to the smallest details to build a professional yet impressive brand personality that will result in attracting the target clientele.

As websites become a staple in the online world of doing business, having a strong online presence is often challenging. At The BR Lab, they ensure that your websites are user interactive by utilizing SEO, integrated sharing options, and incorporate them into the overall web design. They also uphold the brand personality of their clients and visualize them on their websites. With their desire to serve every client’s needs, they also cater to branding revamp and transform old, boring websites more than what it deserves.

Designing has become an outlet for the young company owner as he was diagnosed to have Bipolar Depression and Schizophrenia. While the journey to manage these conditions was not a walk in the park, he has learned to rise above his condition and make a positive impact on others instead. He is a living testament that there is still life beyond Bipolar Depression and Schizophrenia.

Apart from his responsibilities at The BR Lab, Beras is also passionate about empowering millennials to remain vigilant and conscious about the many challenges concerning racial discrimination and profiling. Beras is partnering with Run Your State NYC to ensure that young voters use their analytic skills and knowledge of social issues to cast their votes on November 3, 2020.

Despite The BR Lab’s success, Juan, like any other person, lives an average life. While growing up, he loved the art of drawing and designing. When Myspace became popular, he taught himself designing customized layouts, combining art and HTML codes. Recognizing his talents, he turned his passion for creativity into more than just an expression. He invested in creating The BR Lab as a platform for his unmatched creativity by providing solutions to businesses.

At present, Beras is working closely with content creators from FastFWD to explore the possibilities of motion graphic animation and video production. He is providing the creative direction for FastFWD’s latest project where he made a visual construction of a Skype group chat that interestingly transforms into a unique iPhone FaceTime session.

Juan supports striving entrepreneurs and small businesses, especially in his Latin, Brown, and Black American communities. He is a Latin-American by blood and has witnessed how opportunities are often limited to them. He wants to convey the freedom of self-expression as an avenue to discover one’s talents and skills. He believes in investing those talents into a business, just like him, his unmatched creativity translated into the success of The BR Lab.Should you be interested to know more about how The BR Lab can transform your brand, visit their official website.