Below are the Terms of Service (“The BR Lab”, “TheBRLab”, “Brand In A Box”, “We”, “Us”, “The Designer”) These Terms of Service set forth are specifically listed to manage expectations and outcomes, and protect both you “The Client” and “The BR Lab”.

It is highly crucial that you (“The Customer”, “The Client”) take time to read through thoroughly and ensure you fully understand these Terms of Service and their significance before you contract The BR Lab for any project. Please also note that from time to time The BR Lab may need to alter these Terms of Service & prices without notice.


“The Client” agrees to pay:
• 50% non-refundable deposit of the quoted amount when project is finally quoted.
• 50% is due when all revisions on the design draft(s) have been completed and work is approved.
• All credits/free offers are to expire after 30 days of no response.
• All unpaid invoices are cancelled within 24-48hrs.

Please Read: The project deposit is non-refundable & our Terms of Service serves as your contract and once invoice is paid you are agreeing to all of the terms of service listed here and in your contract.
If a project is canceled by “The Client”, for whatever reason, any payment whether paid in full, or the initial 50% deposit, is forfeited and acts as a cancellation fee.
No refunds are issued after labor has been placed into project.

No website project will be built, launched, or delivered until final invoice(s) are paid in full.

Draft files (revision files, unselected logo proofs, premium paid fonts and themes, .PSDS,) remain the property of The BR Lab.
Logo files are only sent once the project has been fully completed, in the formats of 1 each: PDF / JPG / PNG / and/or .AI format.


Graphic Design Projects completion time varies from anywhere from 1-2 weeks up to 21 business days when content is submitted for said project.

Web Design Projects completion time varies from 3-6 weeks when content is submitted for said project. This does not include the revision stages.

All projects are calculated by 5 working business days, with the exception of holidays, company vacations, observed holidays and weekends. Being that we work with a massive amount of clientele, we want to acknowledge we may or may not send out a daily/weekly update. If you are missing something from your client brief that may delay the completion time or we have an emergency, an email will be sent notifying of such.

If you are to have server issues that prevent us from transferring files to your server or delay in information, incorrect login information where we cannot produce your website in time advertised, we are not responsible from the completion time being delayed.

The Revision Stage is NOT included in the completion time. Revision Stage can be from anywhere from 1 business day up to 10 business days. 10 days is ample time to communicate with us on what to change, etc. so we can move forward with other projects and you can move forward with your launch.

Once your website is live from production that concludes our production for the hired project.

Revisions: You receive a numerical limit of revisions in every package. Once all the revisions are exhausted, a fee will occur for any additional revisions after. Once you have submitted all your revisions in your package and your project is emailed, made live, or logo files emailed over, the remaining revisions in which you did not use EXPIRE immediately.

“The Client” must provide all information requested for project in a timely manner. If there is a delay on your behalf, the completion date of your project then changes.

If “The Client” fail to respond for whatever reason, we will mark the project complete again forfeiting the initial deposit. This falls under our “Disappearing Act” policy. After 30 days of no communication there will be a $25 restart fee. After 45 days of no communication there will be a $75 restart fee. If over 60 days, your final balance is required to resume services. After 90 days, your project (deals, credits and/or free offers) is forfeited, and no refund shall be issued. Your entire project is now cancelled and any design or coding will be removed off your server. Any time your project comes to this extreme decision, our company will no longer do business with your brand.

We know certain information takes time to acquire to email us & we also know ‘life happens’, which we respect and will place your project to start later than scheduled if communicated. All we ask is to be courteous & keep in contact and reiterate that you need more time to gather information for the project and/or to submit changes during the revision stage.

In good effort, our team will ONLY send 1 “courtesy check in” (dated email) if we have not heard from you within 45 days of the initial invoice.

For ALL projects, all material, products and other information that was requested in your client brief must be submitted before project is completed. If requested information is not submitted once completed, You, “The Client” is responsible for uploading any remaining information and/or products.

The production of any original design work automatically deems The BR Lab the author and therefore the owner of such work.

All projects are not to be advertised via social networking sites before completion or final payment has cleared. That is breach of contract and projects can be left as is as well as forfeiting your deposit.


Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm EST

We do not operate on Weekends, Holidays. If we have an out-of-office emergency, you will be notified.

We have the right to decline any project at any moment for any reason without disclosing a reason and/or refund you the deposit if work has not been started.

We have the right to refund any project if client insists on being aggressively indecisive, combative, rude or disrespectful to any team members, picky, difficult or if we find your project “un-accomplishable”.

At all times, all correspondence is done via email, that is to protect You, “The Client” and “The Designer” from hearsay. It is done so to keep a paper trail for records to avoid miscommunication and that can be used for clarification, if needed.