Juan Beras stands as a towering figure in the realm of Creative Direction, Graphic Design, and Web Design & Development, with a career that spans over 19 years. As the CEO and owner of The BR Lab, a digital creative company, Juan has carved a niche for himself by specializing in a wide array of services including Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, Illustration, Interior Staging and Design, Animation, and Motion Graphic Design. His expertise and innovative approach have made him the go-to creative director for today's top-selling Black-owned brands and businesses, helping them achieve warehouse and retail success in major stores such as Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and Sally Beauty. His ability to blend creativity with strategic branding has not only elevated the brands he works with but has also set a new benchmark in the industry.

In his role as the creative director for the fresh fruit smoothie restaurant, "And It's Good Stuff," Juan has demonstrated his versatility and commitment to excellence. From the initial ideation phase to brand identity, and from overseeing hands-on interior design construction projects to spearheading digital creative marketing, he has been instrumental in shaping the restaurant's aesthetic and brand presence. His holistic approach to branding and design ensures that every aspect of "And It's Good Stuff" reflects its core values and appeals to its target audience, making the restaurant not just a place to eat, but a brand experience.

Most recently, Juan has embarked on a partnership with Wynnie Bynnie, a Black-owned hair care brand designed for kids with curly, kinky, and wavy textured hair. This collaboration is historically and particularly noteworthy as Wynnie Bynnie currently available in Walmart retail stores, as the brand made a mark in Black History being owned by a 3-year-old CEO. His branding involvement in this project underscores his commitment to supporting Black-owned businesses and his ability to adapt his creative expertise to a diverse range of industries.

Through his work with brands & businesses, Juan continues to push the boundaries of branding and design, proving once again why he is considered a leading creative force in today's market!
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